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Rayasadr Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing Company

The core of Rayasadr artificial intelligence and data processing company started working in 2005 to solve data-oriented problems. Our first experiences were in market research. Our wide range of familiarity with data-oriented specialties made us have constructive interactions with industrial companies in the field of industrial data processing and statistical quality control since 2009.

We witnessed serious incentives to expand knowledge of data mining in 2001-2011 and artificial intelligence in 2011-2022 in academic centers and then commercial and non-commercial companies and industrial centers in Iran. Therefore, in the middle of 2011-2022, we completed our university studies in the field of artificial intelligence and data mining at Amir Kabir and Sharif Universities of Technology.

Rayasadr artificial intelligence and data processing company was established in 2022 and in the same year it was accepted into the science and technology park of Semnan province. The initial idea of ​​establishing Rayasadr was formed based on the vacuum of using artificial intelligence technology in most of the country’s industries. Now, as an order-oriented company and aware of the challenges of various industries, we provide our practical and creative solutions to various fields such as production, industry, agriculture, medicine, health and urban services.