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Fuzzy intelligent system to evaluate the success of customer relationship management system

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Project definition:

CRM stands for customer relationship management. The purpose of CRM is to create a suitable relationship with customers and to create a suitable platform to manage the appropriate and quick response to the needs and demands of our customers. This will make our business more successful in the future.
A successful CRM sees the business from the customer’s point of view and considers the customer’s experience in its planning. Looking from the customer’s point of view will help you see the gaps and opportunities in your business and consider more effective strategies and processes for the organization.

The project goal:

Designing a fuzzy intelligent system to predict the success rate of implementing the communication system with customers based on monitoring the internal processes of the organization (such as management support, information technology, organizational culture, organization size, etc.) and investigating the effects of organizational structural changes on the success of the communication system with customers


Matlab 2021 software has been used in the implementation of this project.

Executive results of the project:

The designed fuzzy artificial intelligence system was able to predict with an accuracy of over 90% the result of customer system deployment in the companies under study in the training data set.
The external validity of the intelligent model obtained to predict the result of CRM system deployment, about 236 companies outside the training group were also examined, and the designed fuzzy intelligent system was able to correctly predict the result with an accuracy of about 92%.
It is worth mentioning that the result of establishing the CRM system of the companies was evaluated based on the opinion of a management expert and available.